Special St. Patrick’s Day Discounts from Our Favorite Boxes

Happy St. Patrick Day! Hey, every day is a new opportunity to celebrate, right?

Here’s a great collection of special St. Patty discounts as well as themed arts and crafts projects by great subscription boxes.

Special St. Patrick Day Discounted Subscription Boxes:

Read review here. Click here to get a $15 on a 12 months subscription with code LUCK15


Read review here. Insane discount warning! 30% off your 1st month’s crate, click here and use code PATTY30


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Green Kid Craft offers saving $20! on a yearly subscription with code LUCK20


Review here. Click here and get 20% off any Pley plan with code LUCK20.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pley


Review here. Special promo for a special offer for Two-for-One for Brownie Popsicle Kit and Cake Pops Kit.

Special St. Patrick Day Projects from Our Favorite Subscription Boxes:

Foodstirs – Published a St. Patrick’s Day recipe for Matcha Cookies, get recipe here.
Celebrate, have fun and let us know what’s your FavBox 🙂

The Girls’ Cool Dad

Eliad, my husband is really a great dad. He is great with kids. period. Our daughters have this guy that runs around the house with them, plays, laughs, makes jokes, scare them and throws them up in the air – accidentally he’s their dad 🙂

So when we stumbled upon this box, I immediately thought of it as the perfect present for the perfect dad.

Cooper & Kid promise that they can make dads as cool as moms, and tagline it as “The instant awesome dad”. The box came PACKED with six different activities and more theme related swag.

The short… oh yes! Price $65/quarter (this is a quarterly box, not a monthly subscription and it actually took us several days to go through all of its content) Click here and type DADSROCK at checkout to get $10 off any purchase.

OurFavBox Review | Cooper & Kid Box Content
OurFavBox Review | Cooper & Kid Box Content


The long…

First watch this video it shows two of the activities in the box. As the box was themed as “Spy Box”, it included all the materials for the activities as well as a spy pen (USB inside with Spy certificate you can print), a parents guidebook, a spy medal and more.

Watch Healey and her dad, aren’t they adorable?

The box also came with a string to create a laser-maze, the girls played it several times but then we had to play the Mission Impossible theme song, impossible not to… see the video here:

And some more box and experience pictures here

You didn’t think I only got this box for his birthday right? I actually got him several subscription boxes: post will follow soon, so…
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Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads And Kids

OK We Have This Subscription, Now What

The girls love Pley, we have a subscription to their Lego sets for sometime now and it’s basically a waiting game between one set to the other (~2 weeks). 

Pley advertises on their site that in addition to access to endless toys it saves you money and the clutter of too many toys – true. 

But we found more stuff to do. 

The short…

Yep! We’re subscribed for the past 6 months. Here’s another post we wrote about it.

The long…

Healey loves Lego and lately Libby started getting more and more involved. We have one subscription (wish Pley would do a sibling addition) and it’s mainly used by Healey. Libby sorts the pieces to colors and plays with the end product, lately she started building parts of the kit too.

Pley lets you know what set is coming next from your, what they call Pley-list, a list of your selected toys.You get 24 hours to make a decision: send the toy or change to another one.
So… We get a little over a week to prepare.

So coming up, we are planned to get the Twinblade Adventures set so we sat down to talk about our latest trip to Puerto Rico as well as what they remember from various trips and what they like about the airport.

With that in mind Healey created a runway of course (i googles “runway” and showed her and we discussed the various things she sees) but then we added the Shopkins bags as suitcases and the car from another set we had at home to carry them. Some Lego figures we had at home, including Anna and Elsa, were the passengers and it was all a big big party.

Here are some pictures:

Using the Lego Movie app for iPhone she created this stop motion movie. Unfortunately their built in music is somewhat militant, but hey Healey had a blast and we both had good few hours of crafts and imagination.

Here’s another movie Healey did with her Ariel the Little Mermaid set, also from Pley.

Pley is a great choice for subscription. Get it for you or as a gift.

Pley - leading toy rental company


9 Great Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

I have a talented friend, she owns www.ThreadheadBaby.com, offering little threads for little heads. Cutest threads you’ll see. But she’s also a mom to a beautiful girl aged two – check out their Instagram @Threadheadbaby. Cutest age right?

Oh, I remember myself struggling to find great things to do with the girls that age, because how many times can we visit the same three Gymboree places or classes and how many times can we play with the same toys at home.

So Nutch, and everybody here of course ;-), this is for you:

  • Little Passports – They have multiple options. For toddlers choose the Early Explorers $15.9/month (lower if you commit to longer time). The first kit has a cute orange suitcase and going forward, kits cover various world themes like ocean, space and others.

We covered the girls’ experience here: Exploring the World with a Little Passport

  • Koala Crate by Kiwi Crate – They have four options for various age groups. For toddlers choose the Koala Crate option. $16.95/month (lower if you commit to longer time). For $10 off your monthly subscription use this coupon (Promo code SHARE10) . These are themed boxes with parents guide. We changed our plan to try other options from Kiwi Crate so Follow OurFavBox to know when we post again.

Both girls love Kiwi Crate, it was extremely popular at our home when they had a siblings option (for additional price that’s lower than a full box we received enough materials for both) but that’s no longer available and we have this subscription for some time now. We covered our experience with them in these blog posts: The Summer Can’t Come Soon Enough and When kids lose sense of time  Their shop has great stuff too.

  • Pley – The Netflix for Legos. We covered our experience with Pley in this post: Let’s Pley (yeah it’s spelled right!) but we plan another post now that we started perfecting our experience so Follow OurFavBox to know when we post about it again (spoiler: Its about combining this subscription and an iPone app). It’s $19.99/month but lately started offering other toys after they acquired SparkBox, so their plan changed to options starting at $9.99

Both girls love them and we have this subscription the longest. Pley has so many Lego sets sorted by age group so you can totally set your subscription to get Lego Duplo kits that fits this age group.

  • Panda Pals – This is really cute: monthly subscription that comes with two socks, a story and an activity each themed with one of the Panda Pals characters. Starting with $15/month (lower if you commit to longer time). You can get 15%  off with this coupon (promo code PAL).
  • Le Bundle -The Netflix for toys targeted for ages 6 months to 4 years. Price: $19.99/month but as they launched just recently they have a one month free. Follow us on Instagram as we soon will do a Giveaway contest.
  • Bramble Box – They created the term STEAM, which is STEM with Art. Cute. Activity boxes for ages 3-8. Price $25/month.
  • Green Kid Craft – Monthly learning theme with earth-friendly materials. Price is $19.95/month (lower if you commit to longer time) AND the have a sibling package. Well done!
  • Little Loving Hands – Such a nice idea! Monthly theme about a charitable organization, different every month, encourages kids to create but also donate towards specific organizations. Its also nice that your purchase can be submitted for charitable tax deduction. Price $25/month (lower if you commit to longer time).
  • Foodstirs – Another subscription the girls really love. Price $25/month (lower if you commit to longer time).

Kids love to be in the kitchen, mine get extra energy to help, clean and be involved so Foodstirs, a baking kit that comes monthly – is perfect. We covered the girls’ experience with Foodstirs twice in these posts: Foodstirs is Back in Our Kitchen with Cake Pops and  My little chefs had a blast.

We really hope this will help you choose the suitable subscription box and let it be a great start for your amazing time with your kids. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we add more and more reviews and recommendations.

Foodstirs is Back in Our Kitchen with Cake Pops

So there’s no way of putting it better, cake pops are delicious but are really hard to make. So when Foodstirs sent an email that the next box is for making Cake Pops I freaked out. The girls LOVE Foodstirs, here’s a review about our first experience with them, so they were super excited to open it again and I was literally panicked as to how this will turn out.

The short…

Price $25 for a monthly subscription. We wrote about our Foodstirs experience here, just in case you missed it.

The long…

Just watch how much fun we had, oh and
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The Summer Can’t Come Soon Enough

In the summer the girls love selling their stuff. Libby is a hard negotiator and Healey discounts immediately when she sees kids just wanting something from her shop. 

Healey wants to sell Lemonade and popcorn for some time. I promised her that we’ll do it in the summer.  
And then came this Kiwi Crate box. Oh my god what a success! 

The short…

Oh yes! We already wrote about Kiwi Crate but you can get this box at their shop . Get it for your kids or as a gift. It’s a guaranteed success.

Price: this is a shop item from the Kiwi Crate Shop, called Lemonade Stand and it costs $19.95. A subscription costs 16.95/month

The long…

The box had a kit to create a cash register and a shop sign.

Healey declared this as her best box ever. And I found some great related blog posts on Kiwi Crates blog which kept us busy for more time.
The Cash Register is so cute with a real calculator and play money, a drawer and a credit card (Healey asked if its real).

The shop sign comes with chalks, stencils and an easel. Look what Healey created.

For more helpful tips on creating the actual stand, Kiwi Crate posted this blog post. Which reminds me that they have a great blog filled with creative ideas and a very helpful seasonal newsletter.

Click here for a $10 off your first-month subscription

You’ll thank us later.

Exploring the World with a Little Passport

We’ve been waiting for this one, yeah me (see here). The girls didn’t know about it really, but I know what they like. Healey is an extremely curious girl, learning about the world, travel, new places and understanding different places fits just like a glove. Libby? Any activity you pull her into she’ll love. 

The Short…Yes! Yes! Yes!

To try Little Passports Early Explorers box, click here
Price:  $15.95/month, cheaper if you commit to longer subscription.

The Long…

So, Little Passports was expected to be a success and YES IT WAS!

I got for Libby the Little Explorers version, and for Healey I got the US version (hasn’t arrived yet, but will tell you all about it once we do so Follow OurFavBox on WordPress.com).

IMG_0727 2To start, Libby LOVED the suitcase, she just loves packing stuff into bags and boxes. The box included stickers, world map, an activity book with stickers and an cute suitcase with luggage tag. Cute!

They both worked on the activity book, asked me where are various places we’ve been to, read the story and decorated the suitcase with lots and lots of stickers.

The luggage tag has had three lines to fill in name, address and phone number. Libby said “I have no phone! I have an iPad”.

They had a blast! The activities took a good hour and later the girls played with the suitcase. Definitely Our Fav Box!

Have you tried this subscription box? tell us! Oh, and until the 17th they have a great deal of 15% of any subscription just for valentine’s called Sweet Deal.

When Boxes Spread the Love

Valentine’s day! Such a beautiful celebration. The girls are super excited for this day where they bring small gifts to school and get back a full bag of stickers, plush toys, tattoos, stickers and letters. Plus kids LOVE subscription boxes!

I got each a mailbox and they have been getting letters from the sitter, friends and well, yeah …me. They love it!

So thought you’d like to know what our favorite boxes are doing to celebrate this day!

> Kiwi Crate – We featured them on When Kids Lose Sense of Time (spoiler: we love them)

Click the banner below and enter KIWILOVE at checkout to receive 40% off first month. Offer valid February 11-15, 2016

> Little Passports – Ahhhh we can’t wait for this box, featured on Taking off with Little Passports

Click the banner and enter SWEET at checkout to receive 15% off any subscription plan. Offer valid February 11-17, 2016

Happy valentine’s day!

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And hey, if you have these boxes don’t be shy, tell us all about it in our comments.

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thank you!

Coming soon: Takeoff with Little Passports

We recently subscribed to the Little Passports box, but it’s still not here for the girls to try. The idea, at least what I understood from their website information and images as well as Facebook ads I stumble upon, to create a travel experience for kids: in different worlds, different US states or different countries around the world. So cool!

One of their banners says “Take your kid on a playdate in England” or another it said “Send your child to seven continents by the age of seven”. Totally builds the grounds for something I think my girls will love.

We travel often with the girls, Healey was on a plane when she was 10 months (we traveled from Israel to Orlando) and Libby’s picture on her passport is from when she was 3 days old. The girls have many memories, and often they describe a scene and ask me where in the world that was. They are fascinated by the fact that people talk different languages and often ask what’s the time in other places, recognizing the time differences.

So, Little Passports should feed their curiosity and teach them about great places around the world… and as we moved to the states from Israel just a little over one year, I chose the USA Edition, in hopes to learn more and maybe even inspire our next vacation.

The picture on top is from long ago, when Libby was just a baby on our trip to Disneyland Paris and below are more pictures from selected trips we’ve made around the world.


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Want to try Little Passports yourself, click here. Want to us tell about your experience, comment below. We love it!

When kids lose sense of time 

I love it when it happens. When the girls get so curious about something that they are calm and concentrated and enjoy the moment. This is us with Kiwi Crate.
We only tried the Kiwi Crate box (they have 4 different boxes) but definitely plan checking the others as well soon. 
The short – The girls Love Kiwi Crate! To order your Kiwi Crate click here
Price:  $19.95/month, cheaper if you commit to longer subscription.
The long…
We used to have a siblings subscription (no longer available) where we got one crate with double materials, but as of March 2016 you need to get two separate subscriptions making it more expensive than before.
Still, totally worth the price. There are 2 main activities in every box and the Kiwi Magazine “Explore!” has even more stuff to do like coloring and other theme-related activities. The girls love this box and feel they simply have to complete all activities on the day it arrives.
Each box has a theme, the girls had five boxes so far so its safe to say its a great subscription.
This month it was Ice Lab and using salt, color and epson salt they created various crafts and science experiments.
Last month they had Woodland Creatures where they built a beaver dam marble run and decorated animal zipper pulls, before they built an Arcade, had various color science experiments with the Science of color box and before they had the Day at the Lake box which in my opinion was the best box. With Day at the Lake box the girls created a fish lantern and left it to glow when they went to sleep, but before, they made a rubber band powered paddle boats and played with them in the bathtub – such a great evening that was.
Although the Kiwi Crate is meant for ages 5-8, Libby my 4 year old is completely loving it too and we all work together , read through the magazine and take pictures of all the crafts we made. They explain to each other, laugh and really spend quality time. The time passes by quickly and we find our selves passing good 2 hours busy with the box.
The boxes mentioned above are also sold separately in their shop so definitely go and get the Arcade and Woodland Creature boxes… although they have other great boxes I had my eyes on.
If you haven’t already tried Kiwi Crate – you should! It’s def a runner up in Our Fav Box list.
I decided to let the girls try other crates by Kiwi Crate (Doodle and Koala) and we’ll tell you all about them soon.